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Avail our comprehensive web scraping service suitable for businesses of all sizes. With our fully-managed Data as a Service, no IT infrastructure is required. We offer a hassle-free experience as there is zero learning curve. Just tell us what data you require and we'll take care of the rest. Our faster and more cost-effective alternative to hiring a web scraping developer can extract data from any website(s) at any scale and speed. Contact us now and take advantage of our free project assessment.

Turn websites into actionable insights of data

The best data about your competitors, customers and market exists out there on the web. We can turn it into usable and structured data. We are providing the services around all the industries.

The web data you need to drive business growth

We can deliver product data, price intelligence data, market analysis data and much more using the highest legal compliance standards.

  • High quality and reliable web data to drive your business forward
  • Access the skills and experience of our 100-strong developer team
  • We'll ask the right questions, and give you precisely the solution you need
  • Upfront pricing from setting up your data feed to maintenance and support.
  • We evaluate compliance risks and advise our clients on best practices
  • Our team will ensure your needs are met at every phase of the project lifecycle